A solution to the cancer problem




De visie van Cornelis Moerman op het kankervraagstuk, vertaald in het Engels. Prijs 6 euro.

Cornelis Moerman was a Dutch physician who lived from 1893 till 1988. He viewed cancer as a consequence of derailment of the metabolism. Repairing the metabolism was in his opinion the first step in recovering from cancer.His therapy consists of two parts. At first healthy food. The Moerman diet looks like the Mediterranean diet: a lot of vegetables and fruit. The second part is supplements: vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients. For this the patient must consult a doctor who is specialized in the Moerman therapy. In this book you’ll find Cornelis Moermans’ ideas about cancer and his answer to the challenges the disease brings.   Payments from abroad: 10 euro (shipping incl.): IBAN NL96 INGB 0004 2392 29 Swift Code (BIC): INGBNL2A(payments from abroad not possible via webshop) Stating: Book Moerman and your adress!!!